Finance outsourcing

Lighten the load

There are many benefits to be had when outsourcing your financial work to an accountancy firm like PMK.

Instead of getting weighed down with the pressure of making sure your books are balanced, and your transactions are reconciled, we can do that all for you.

Moreover, because we will be carrying out these processes for you, we will be perfectly placed to get an early start on your statutory accounts every year. Whether it’s your corporation tax return, your company end-of-year reports or your VAT returns, we will ensure it’s all completed with time to spare.

Just so you’re kept in the loop, we will carry out expense and financial reports so you can have an easily accessible and digestible round-up of your business’s performance over the past tax year.

Our year-end reporting will also help you prepare for any upcoming audit your company may have to undergo due to passing the regulatory thresholds.

Outsourcing your financial services to us also allows you to pay for the services you really need at the time, which can save you a lot of money that would be spent on hiring and training a dedicated staff member.

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