Promptly paid staff

Having a dedicated payroll specialist in your team is an asset, but why spend the money onboarding a new member of staff when you could outsource your payroll for much cheaper?

Our payroll specialists can work with you from the ground up. If you’re starting out with a small team, we can register everyone through your PAYE scheme, enrol them in your workplace pension and continue doing so as your business grows.

Not every member of staff is paid the same. We can take this into account and make all of the necessary deductions and calculations.

If you hire part-time staff or contractors, we will ensure your National Insurance contributions are paid, and you comply with HMRC.

By using cloud-based accounting software, we’ll send out payslips to your staff to fit your pay schedule, making everything easier to access and backup. Once this is done, we will produce payroll reports for you and the Revenue.

If your company works in the construction industry, we can help with that too. Our payroll team knows everything there is to the construction industry scheme (CIS) and will comb over every little detail.

Get in touch to find out how we can make your life easier today.