Retirement strategies

Looking ahead

After years of hard work, the last thing you want is to find yourself struggling to retire or realising you haven’t saved enough in your pension pot.

With the higher living costs, it is harder for people to live on their state pension and workplace pensions alone.

At PMK Associates, we work closely with clients to discuss their financial goals for when they finally do retire. Together, we will look at your budgets, how much you can save into a private pension and when you can reasonably expect to retire.

You will also need to consider any healthcare costs that could arise should you fall ill in later years. While it’s morbid to think of, it’s essential you have some money saved for this possibility.

With proper planning, your retirement strategy will also include any inheritance tax obligations your family will have to meet once you have died. Together, with our estate planning team, we can lessen the impact of these taxes, so your family receive as much as possible once you’ve gone.

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